Dental health for dogs – Dog Breath Dental Treats


Dog Breath Dental Treats is a natural way to address stinky breath and tartar-coated teeth in dogs.

Dog Breath Dental Treats is made with sea algae, spearmint, and parsley.

These dental treats are your multi-tool to a healthy teeth and mouth.

  • The spearmint and parsley work together to freshen up breath.
  • The sea algae uses its natural biological process to soften up tartar on teeth.

What is Dog Breath Dental Treats? it is a vet-formulated innovation for a simple (and delicious) daily dental routine. No hassle. No stress. A real treat.

Dog Breath Dental Treats are available in:

  • Small dental chews
  • Large dental chews
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About this Product

Dental health for dogs

When talking about dental health for dogs, Dog Breath Dental Treats provides a whole new way to address dog breath and tartary teeth.

Dog Breath Dental Treats is a quick and easy tool for dental health for dogs:

  • no brushing,
  • no spraying, and
  • no struggle!

Dog Breath Dental Treats is your best option whether you are implementing:

  • a daily dental routine or
  • looking for a fix for that awful green cloud floating near your pup’s mouth

Dog Breath Dental Treats uses a proprietary blend of:

  • Sea algae,
  • Spearmint,
  • Egg whites,
  • Pea fiber, and
  • Parsley

One of its main ingredients is Sea Algae.

Sea algae is a natural ingredient that offers a completely new way to approach oral health– one without the hassle and stress of brushing, sprays, or ineffective dental products.(1)

Sea algae is used to soften and break down tartar and plaque build-up.

Feed one dental treat daily, after the last meal of the day.

For Dogs:

  • Under 40 lbs — Small Sticks
  • Over 40 lbs — Large Sticks


For animal use only.

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

(1): Source

Active Ingredients: Proprietary blend of:
  • ● gelatin,
  • ● glycerin,
  • ● sea algae,
  • ● spearmint,
  • ● guar gum,
  • ● lecithin,
  • ● egg whites,
  • ● pea fiber,
  • ● oil, and
  • ● parsley