Hemp & Hips – Senior Large Breed


  • Helps dog reclaim youth and vitality
  • Provides relief for muscle soreness & joint stress
  • Improves joint health and range of motion
  • Specifically for senior and large breeds
  • 100% Natural
  • Formulated By Vets
  • Made in the USA in a GMP & FDA-Approved Facility

Product does NOT contain CBD


About this Product

Restores youthful joints: Increased blood flow floods your dogs joint and muscles with healthy nutrients needed for natural joint-relief and repair.
This recovery state gives them the freedom to run, jump, and play WITHOUT pain and restrictions.
Inflammation & pressure relief: This powerful anti-inflammatory blend soothes swollen muscle and joint tissue and supports fast healing, recovery, and energy.
Studies suggest hemp may help dogs with painful arthritic conditions.
Pain-free joints: This joint repair and relief combination helps lubricate and “unstick” tight, achy, and inflamed joints… allowing even senior –  large breeds to move freely like young pups half their age and size.