Hepa Protect Max Tincture – Master Blend Liver Kidney & Bladder Support & Cleanse 10:1 Extract


Packed with essential vitamins, both macro and micro minerals, silymarin (better known as milk thistle), essential fatty and amino acids, 17 types of alkaloids, glycosides, along with notable levels of silica and boldine, Hepa Protect 10:1 Liquid Extract is recommended for complementary and holistic health approaches aimed at supporting liver and kidney health.

It’s particularly suggested for conditions such as:

  • Hepatic lipidosis,
  • Various hepatitis types,
  • Fatty Liver Disease (FLD),
  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD),
  • Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS), and
  • Feline cholangiohepatitis. (* As endorsed by holistic veterinarians for traditional medical practices)

The therapeutic potential of Hepa Protect 10:1 Liquid Extract extends to aiding the regulation of kidney pH balance, managing liver enzyme levels and activity, and bolstering kidney and endocrine system functions.

It serves as supportive care for managing oxalate and struvite crystals and stones (in synergy with specific treatments like Break It UP!), reducing uric acid levels, and aiding urine acidification.

It’s beneficial for treating:

  • Gall bladder inflammation,
  • Gallstones,
  • Gallbladder infections,
  • Kidney colic, and calculi, while also supporting:
    • Optimal hydration and electrolyte balance,
    • Critical for the health of elderly and immunocompromised animals.

(* Recommended by holistic veterinarians for use within a traditional healthcare framework)

Moreover, it:

  • Contributes to robust skin, tissues, bones, claws, and fur health;
  • Safeguards myelin sheaths surrounding nerve cells, and protects brain and spinal cord membranes.
  • Can also assist in alleviating prostate inflammation and is beneficial for conditions like colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Its utility extends to combating infections of the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys and may serve as a holistic dietary supplement in cases of liver cancer. (* As advised by holistic veterinarians for traditional medical system use).

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About this Product

Great for Adult and Senior cats

Hepa Protect Max Tincture offers a specialized formula designed for the support and cleansing of the liver, kidneys, bladder, and gall bladder, featuring a potent 10:1 liquid extract concentration.

This blend is advocated by holistic veterinarians for incorporation into conventional healthcare practices due to its comprehensive benefits.

The essence of Hepa Protect 10:1 Liquid Extract lies in its holistic approach to enhancing systemic liver and kidney health.

It employs a combination of alternative and adaptogenic herbs in a synergistic tonic that aims to restore equilibrium in cases of organ imbalances.

Key to its formulation are adaptogens, a unique category of botanicals known for their ability to adapt their functions to the body’s needs.

They engage in recognizing, repairing, and reinstating the body’s natural state, specifically targeting dysfunction without depleting the body’s crucial energy reserves.

These adaptogenic herbs are crucial for modifying the liver cell membranes, thereby blocking harmful toxins from entering, and encouraging the natural regeneration of liver cells.

Additionally, the tincture is valued for its liver-cleansing properties, supporting liver recovery in instances of impairment, enhancing bile secretion, and facilitating the detoxification and safeguarding of the liver and kidneys.

This is achieved through stimulating bile production and suppressing the proliferation of certain harmful microorganisms. (* As recommended by holistic veterinarians for integration with traditional medical care).

For animal use only.



  • Do not give to kittens or pregnant & nursing pets.
  • Likely contraindicated with hypoglycemia & diuretic drugs.
  • May potentiate insulin, diabetic, diuretic, anti-hypertensive, beta-blocker & cardiac drugs.
  • Suggested to use a probiotic due to possible anti-microbial & liver detoxifying actions.


  • May potentiate hypoglycemic, diuretic, diabetic, antihypertensive (blood pressure lowering), beta-blocker & cardiac drugs.


  • Adult and Senior animals
  • Do not give to kittens
  • To monitor kidney and liver function parameters (BUN, Creatine, Phosphorus, urine specific gravity, ALT, Bilirubin, GTT)
  • To evaluate organ function and response to treatment.
  • Consult your Veterinary.


Contains approximately 30 droppers. A metered dropper is included for easy dosing.

(please confirm dosage according to ADULT & SENIOR LIFE STAGE ANIMALS ONLY – cats)

  • Dogs & cats up to 12 pounds: 1/4  dropper (.25 ml), 2 times daily.
  • Dogs & cats 13-25 pounds: 1/2 dropper (.5 ml), 2 times daily.
  • Dogs & cats 26-50 pounds: 3/4 dropper (.75 ml), 2 times daily.
  • Contains a proprietary master blend which includes Chanca Piedra and Carqueja. Alcohol-free.
  • Do not give to kittens or pregnant & nursing pets.