Joint Support for Cats and Dogs – Comfort Aches™


Comfort Aches™  is a 100% herbal pain killer that can be combined with a glucosamine supplement – like Sound Kitty – for advanced joint support.

Comfort Aches™ helps to keep inflammation at bay, so glucosamine can effectively combat the daily wear and tear that joints face.

It’s immediate pain relief for dogs and cats that will keep your pet feeling like a younger version of themselves!

Comfort Aches™ is a blend of blood-moving herbs.

Let’s explain it a bit better:

  • From a traditional Chinese standpoint, normal, everyday activity and exercise can lead to acute stasis or stagnation of blood.
  • With time, this stagnation affects the flow of energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), to the affected area.
  • Comfort Aches™ is designed to move the blood and energy in the affected area.
  • Without the stagnation of blood, the discomfort diminishes, returning the dog to full function as quickly as possible.

Comfort Aches™ is available in:

  • Powder:
    • 75 g and 150 g
  • Tablets:
    •  20, 90 and 270 count

About this Product

A good hip and joint support for cats

Comfort Aches™ is a 100% natural anti-inflammatory formula providing joint support for cats.

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Thickens Joints fluid
  • Support Long-Term Joint Health

In cats, osteoarthritis generally appears more frequently in older animals, but young animals may also be affected by this pathology.

Osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive, permanent long-term deterioration of the cartilage surrounding the joints.

Feline arthritis, which is also called “feline osteoarthritis”, is a disease that can occur at any age in cats.

Comfort Aches™ is great for dogs or cats experiencing occasional aches, discomfort, stiffness, or soreness.


Often compared to aspirin for dogs and cats, Comfort Aches™ is an herbal formula that helps put an end to those daily aches.

An easy-to-give solution, it’s a must for any household with pets.

Keep a bottle of this natural formula on hand for occasional, short-term, or long-term use!

Combine with a glucosamine supplement – like Sound Kitty – for advanced joint support.

Administer the recommended dosage below.
Intended species: Cats

  • Powder for Cats:
    • 1/4 tsp once a day
  • Tablets for Cats:
    • 1/2 tablet twice a day


Not for use in pregnant animals.

Not for use within 48 hours of surgery or anesthesia.

If lameness worsens, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian.

An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

  • ● Notoginseng Root (san qi)
  • Actions: Stops bleeding, transforms blood stasis, and addresses discomfort from traumatic injuries

  • ● Angelica Tang Kuei (dang gui)
  • Actions: Invigorates, tonifies and harmonizes the blood, and addresses discomfort.

  • ● Frankincense (ru xiang)
  • Actions: Invigorates blood, promotes movement of Qi, addresses discomfort.

  • ● Myrrh (mo yao)
  • Actions: Invigorates blood, dispels blood stasis, supports healing, and addresses discomfort.

  • ● Carthamus (hong hua)
  • Actions: Dispels blood stasis, addresses discomfort and invigorates blood.

  • ● Achyranthes (huai nui xi)
  • Actions: Invigorates blood, expels blood stasis, strengthens tendons and bones, benefits the joints and tonifies and nourishes the liver and kidneys.