Pancrea Rightis Max Support Capsules Pancreas Inflammation & Flow Support for Dogs


Packed with essential vitamins, both macro and micro minerals, silymarin (better known as milk thistle), essential fatty and amino acids, 17 types of alkaloids, glycosides, along with notable levels of silica and boldine, Hepa Protect 10:1 Liquid Extract is recommended for complementary and holistic health approaches aimed at supporting liver and kidney health.

It’s particularly suggested for conditions such as:

  • Hepatic lipidosis,
  • Various hepatitis types,
  • Fatty Liver Disease (FLD),
  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD),
  • Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS), and
  • Feline cholangiohepatitis. (* As endorsed by holistic veterinarians for traditional medical practices)

The therapeutic potential of Hepa Protect 10:1 Liquid Extract extends to aiding the regulation of kidney pH balance, managing liver enzyme levels and activity, and bolstering kidney and endocrine system functions.

It serves as supportive care for managing oxalate and struvite crystals and stones (in synergy with specific treatments like Break It UP!), reducing uric acid levels, and aiding urine acidification.

It’s beneficial for treating:

  • Gall bladder inflammation,
  • Gallstones,
  • Gallbladder infections,
  • Kidney colic, and calculi, while also supporting:
    • Optimal hydration and electrolyte balance,
    • Critical for the health of elderly and immunocompromised animals.

(* Recommended by holistic veterinarians for use within a traditional healthcare framework)

Moreover, it:

  • Contributes to robust skin, tissues, bones, claws, and fur health;
  • Safeguards myelin sheaths surrounding nerve cells, and protects brain and spinal cord membranes.
  • Can also assist in alleviating prostate inflammation and is beneficial for conditions like colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Its utility extends to combating infections of the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys and may serve as a holistic dietary supplement in cases of liver cancer. (* As advised by holistic veterinarians for traditional medical system use).


About this Product

Great for Adult and Senior dogs

Pancrea Rightis Max Support features a masterful blend of unique anti-inflammatory botanical compounds that aim to reduce inflammation in the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.

It targets viral and bacterial pathways known to trigger excessive inflammatory responses, including cytokines, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes, which can lead to pancreatic damage.

Adaptogenic herbs within Pancrea Rightis Max Support are recognized for their contributions to pancreatic health, notably through enhancing cellular glucose absorption, encouraging insulin release, and amplifying insulin’s effectiveness.

These plants also exhibit significant defensive actions against oxidative stress caused by inflammatory conditions like pancreatitis, offering support against blockages in the bile and pancreatic ducts while aiding in the proper management of insulin and glucagon.

Utilized within traditional South American herbal medicine practices for pancreatic support, this blend helps in regulating and cleansing the pancreas.

Its rich botanical makeup, including steroidal saponins (charantins), insulin-mimicking peptides, and alkaloids, provides targeted support and protection for the pancreas.

Furthermore, it encompasses a spectrum of plant-based phytochemicals designed to detoxify not just the pancreas but also the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder from a variety of environmental pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful agents.

For animal use only.



  • Do not give to puppies or pregnant & nursing pets.
  • Do not use with blood thinners, blood pressure or diuretic medications without Veterinary supervision.


  • Interacts with digitalis.
  • May potentiate insulin, diabetic, hypoglycemia, diuretic, hypertensive, hypotensive, cholesterol, cardiac and statin medications.


  • Adult and Senior dogs.
  • Do not give to puppies
  • Consult your Veterinary.



  • For dogs up to 12 pounds: 1 scoop daily.
  • For dogs 13-24 pounds: 2 scoops daily.
  • For dogs 25-49 pounds: 2 scoops, twice daily.
  • For dogs 50+ pounds: 3 scoops, twice daily.

Scoop included to dispense powder.

Additional information

Additional information


90 capsules 500 mg Turkey Flavoring, 150 capsules 500 mg Turkey Flavoring, 250 capsules 500 mg Turkey Flavoring

  • Proprietary master herbal blend which includes plants such as Boldo and Calaguala.
  • Do not give to puppies or pregnant & nursing pets.
  • Cautioned for use with antacids, cardiovascular, hypoglycemia, hypotensive, hypertensive, diabetic and hemophilia medications.