Stix And Stones Capsules Kidney Urinary Tract Infection & Stone Support


Stix And Stones Capsules are designed to facilitate the non-surgical removal of stones, crystals, and calculi in animals, showing a high success rate of over 94% in addressing the formations and associated urinary tract infections.

They can effectively reduce spasms in the kidneys, bladder, and ureters, aiding in the smooth elimination of stones, promoting increased bile secretion from the liver, enhancing digestive health, and lowering the risk of gallstone formation.

Additionally, these capsules aim to rejuvenate, strengthen, and safeguard vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, intestines, pancreas, and gallbladder from infections and diseases.

This herbal marvel is particularly adept at tackling the upper urinary tract (kidney infections) and lower urinary tract (bladder infections) issues by managing cortisol and calcium levels in the bloodstream, and ensuring pH levels remain balanced to prevent the onset of urogenital infections and stone development.

By inhibiting the conditions conducive to crystal and stone formation, Stix And Stones Capsules prevent the formation of various stones by addressing urine pH imbalances (calcium oxalate stones from acidic urine; struvite stones from alkaline urine).

Furthermore, they support the repair of dysfunctions leading to stone formation, preventing harmful materials from entering kidney cells and promoting their safe passage through the urinary tract.

Known for their pain-relieving properties, these capsules offer a natural alternative to conventional painkillers, being significantly more effective in providing relief during and after the disintegration of stones. (* As endorsed by holistic veterinarians within a traditional medical framework).

While genetic predisposition may influence stone formation in pets, dietary choices often play a crucial role, alongside factors like untreated tap water, low-quality treats, certain synthetic medications, and acidic diets, contributing to this health issue.

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About this Product

Stix And Stones Capsules offer a robust blend of natural antioxidants and top-tier adaptogens, including a diverse array of compounds like:

  • Hydroquinones,
  • Astragalin,
  • Brevifolin,
  • Various carboxylic acids,
  • Corilagin, cymene,
  • Ellagic acid,
  • Ellagitannins,
  • Gallocatechins, and geraniin.

This comprehensive mix also contains:

  • Hypophyllanthin,
  • Lignans,
  • Lupeols,
  • Methyl salicylate, and a spectrum of Niranthin derivatives, along with:
    • Phyllanthin,
    • Phyllanthine,
    • Quercetin derivatives,
    • Rutin,
    • Saponins,
    • Triacontanal, and tricontanol among others.

These capsules are renowned for their protective benefits for the kidneys and liver, showcasing properties that facilitate:

  • Stone expulsion,
  • Offer pain relief,
  • Lower blood pressure,
  • Ease spasms, and exhibit antiviral, antibacterial, diuretic, antimutagenic, and blood sugar-lowering effects.

Their efficacy includes enzyme activities that present an alternative approach to managing urolithiasis, helping prevent the formation of both calcium oxalate and struvite stones, and addressing related urinary tract inflammation and infections.

A key aspect of their effectiveness is attributed to their ability to relax smooth muscles within the urinary and biliary tracts, likely aiding in the removal of kidney or bladder stones.


  • Cats up to 12 pounds: 1 capsule, one time daily.
  • Cats 13-25 pounds: 1 capsule, two times daily.
  • Cats 26-50 pounds: 2 capsules, two times daily.

For animal use only.


  • Contraindicated for pregnant and nursing pets.
  • Likely contraindicated for hypoglycemic and diabetic pets and pets using diuretics.


  • May potentiate insulin, diabetic, diuretic, anti-hypertensive, beta-blocker drugs, and heart chronotropic and inotropic drugs.
  • Angiogenesis-converting enzyme inhibitor effects and anti-spasmodic plant actions may relax heart muscles.

Consult your vet.

  • Gelatin capsules.
  • Contains a proprietary adaptogen blend including Uva Ursi and Cipo Cabeuldo.
  • Turkey-flavored capsules.
  • Cautioned for use with heart and blood pressure drugs.
  • May increase the effect of insulin, diabetic, high blood pressure, diuretic and heart medications.
  • Have you pet drink plenty of water and may need more bathroom breaks.
  • Do not use if your pet is pregnant, nursing or is being bred without Vet supervision.